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Contain A Tactical Co-Op FPS Adventure

Contain, a Tactical Co-Op First Person Shooter (FPS) game, invites players into a world where the line between the ordinary and extraordinary is blurred by anomalies of supernatural origin fallen from space. In this gripping narrative, players form a squad of four or can opt for the solitary path as a Lone Wolf, navigating through the challenges posed by objects that defy the laws of nature. The game centers around a special task force belonging to an organization dedicated to controlling these mysterious artifacts.

Gameplay and Features

At the heart of Contain lies a first-person cooperative tactical shooter experience. Players have the freedom to fully customize their characters, from basic outfits and gear to meticulous adjustments like pouch and attachment placements. The depth of customization extends to the weaponry, thanks to a comprehensive gunsmith system that allows players to tailor their firearms according to personal preferences.

Teamwork is the key to success in Contain, as calculated coordination is essential for all Entry Teams. Players are encouraged to hone their skills in the kill house, practicing with equipment before embarking on challenging missions. The cooperative element brings a strategic layer to the gameplay, rewarding players who communicate effectively and work in unison.

For those who prefer a solitary approach, Contain accommodates Lone Wolves, allowing them to experience the missions independently. However, the game developers have plans to introduce A.I. teammates equipped with a complete commanding system, offering a dynamic experience for players who seek a balance between independence and camaraderie.


The game narrative revolves around the special task force assigned to control supernatural objects fallen from space. As players delve into the storyline, they will unravel mysteries surrounding these anomalies and face intense challenges that test their tactical prowess and adaptability.


Contain offers an immersive and dynamic gaming experience, blending elements of supernatural mystery, tactical cooperation, and individual skill. With its fully customizable characters, weapons, and the option for both cooperative and solo play, Contain aims to captivate FPS enthusiasts who seek a thrilling and challenging gaming adventure. Whether you choose to fight anomalies as part of a team or venture into the unknown as a Lone Wolf, Contain promises an engaging and unforgettable journey where every decision shapes the outcome of the mission.