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Embark on an epic journey of recruitment, strategy, and endless challenges in The Last Flame APK, an enthralling roguelike auto-battler that places you in command of a valiant party of heroes. With a focus on build creation, strategic decision-making, and relentless encounters, The Last Flame promises a dynamic and ever-evolving gaming experience.

Recruitment and Hero Diversity

The Last Flame APK sets itself apart with a rich roster of over 55 special heroes, each with unique abilities and attributes. As you navigate through deadly encounters, the recruitment of heroes becomes a crucial aspect of your journey. Every hero contributes to the diversity of your party, offering countless possibilities for synergistic builds.

Build Creation and Strategy

The heart of The Last Flame APK lies in its emphasis on build creation, strategy, and decision-making. With a vast array of 250 items, 120 relics, and 55 origins, the game provides an unparalleled level of build diversity. Each run challenges you to craft powerful and unique synergies, ensuring that no two adventures are alike. Hero and team building have been meticulously designed to offer flexibility and freedom, allowing players to discover and create distinctive builds with each playthrough.

Strategic Decision-Making

Between automated combats, players are tasked with guiding their heroes through the adventure by making intelligent decisions. Efficient resource management, optimal path choices on the map, and the creation of powerful builds all contribute to the strategic depth of the game. Success hinges on the ability to strategically position and plan for the combat phase, making every decision a critical component of your journey.

Progressive Challenges and Endless Mode

The Last Flame introduces players to a tiered difficulty system, featuring five challenging levels that progressively test their knowledge and strategic acumen. For those seeking the ultimate challenge, the endless mode beckons, pushing your crafted builds to their limits as you strive to reach the highest floor. The game encourages players to refine their strategies, adapt to new challenges, and continuously push the boundaries of their creativity.

Challenge Modes for Diverse Gameplay

Dive into diverse and entertaining experiences with The Last Flame’s challenge modes. These modes offer a fresh perspective on the game, introducing unique scenarios that test your skills in unexpected ways. Whether you are a seasoned strategist or a newcomer, the challenge modes provide an opportunity to experience The Last Flame in exciting and new ways.


The Last Flame APK combines hero recruitment, build creation, and strategic decision-making in a seamless blend of action and depth. With its expansive roster, plethora of items, and engaging challenge modes, The Last Flame promises a captivating and ever-changing journey through the world of roguelike auto-battlers. Prepare to embark on an endless adventure where each decision shapes your destiny, and each run is a unique test of your strategic prowess.